About me, myself and NymPHONOmaniac

Since 2013, Frenchy NymPHONOmaniac has been very active on Headfi, especially when he created the ”Best sub-100$ budget earphones” thread with the goal of making a reference list to help budget audiophiles finding the very best earphones in term of price value for sound quality. This very serious and sincere quest barely drives him crazy due to the ”chi-Fi” phenomenon that follows and still grows up today, but he’s surely partly responsible of this craze too, feeding the lost soul with audiophile bargain hopes. Lately, he’s less intensely active on its beloved thread and more active on its budget audiophile group call NBBA (No BS Budget Audio) that have more than 2.5K members and isn’t invade by promoters, influencers or toxic snobbish members. Still, he does publish reviews on Headfi and shares impressions from time to time.

With the overwhelming amount of new budget audio products that come out every day,  it became harder to make the right choice for the curious audio enthusiast. Should you be searching for the best sub-50$ or sub-500$ earphones, the best sub-100$ or sub-500$ DAP, the best sub-50$ or sub-500$ DAC-AMP, it’s extremely risky to buy audio products that we cannot try. Some companies are more visible than others, but this does not mean they are better, and the goal of NymPHONOmaniac is to test both hyped and underrated audio products so he can confirm if it worth you’re hard-earned money to spend.

Now that he has tested at least 250 different earphones, 50 different headphones, 30 different earbuds, 20 different DAP, 20 different DAC-AMP and 20 different portable or desktop AMP, NymPHONOmaniac audio quest will be taken to the next level and he will work full time on audio products reviews as well as taking more seriously its audiophile experience to enlight both audio enthusiast and hardcore audiophile and help them make the wiser choice possible.

As a NO BS reviewer, he will never sell his soul to the corporate devil by hyping something he doesn’t sincerely like, as well, you will not find affiliated links or invasive adds on its website. NymPHONOmaniac is a free spirit that loath hypocrisy and gives a lot of importance to the real price value of an audio product. He considers possible to judge price value up to 1000$, but above this, it’s too irrational money throwing to be objectively rated, which explains why DITA Fidelity or Final Audio A8000 can’t be judged in term of price value even if yes, the absolute sound quality can be judged. NymPHONO is seriously ill of audiophile disease and searches for ultimate sound perfection utopia, but more and more he searches, more and more he knows ultimate perfection doesn’t exist. The fact he listens to numerous music genre including Classical (chamber, quartet, solo, due etc), modern and old Jazz, a different type of (math, post, etc) rock, folk and indie, complex electronic, Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, World music and have a sensible ear for timbre and musical balance make it impossible for single earphones or headphones to enlight musicality of ALL it’s favorite musicians, this explains why he thinks any audiophile need at least 3 good pairs of IEM with different sound signature.


To note that even if NymPHONO buys some audio gear with its own money, 90% of what he reviews is either borrowed, pay a discounted price or receive for free as a review sample. To note too that he chooses by HIMSELF what he reviews and never gets random audio products out of the blue. Their nothing that NymPHONOmaniac hate more than having the obligation to listen to a torture device for hours and write a review about it, so he tries to avoid this by making research about the more promising audio gear, still, time to time, hooked by an hype, it’s possible he falls on mediocre products and he will honestly tell you to avoid this product.






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