SENFER DT6 PRO REVIEW: The death of holographic magic


SOUND: 6.5/10
VALUE: 7/10

THE PLUS: No sibilance, forwards vocal, good details retrieval for its price
THE SO-SO: Boomy bass that veil the mids, Congested sound, Sub-par imaging, Soundstage have no dept, treble lack sparkle and air, construction is rough, not an upgrade over DT6

The latest SENFER offering was the DT6 which became very popular due to its very small price and big cinematic sound. The DT6 offers you a unique sound experience that while it isn’t tonally perfect have the merit of being very exciting due to a holographic sound presentation. Nobody was waiting for a DT6 PRO version to come out and this perhaps explains why it passes under the radar.

This PRO version has a smaller housing but one more balanced armature driver, so this makes it a 1DD+2BA+1 piezo driver. It’s an open back IEM like it’s predecessor and only priced 25$, making it a very affordable multi-driver earphone.

As a big fan of original DT6, let’s see if the PRO version offers as much WOW effect entertainment.

You can buy the DT6 PRO from SA AUDIO STORE HERE.



  • Model Number: Senfer DT6 PRO
  • Transducer Principle: 2BA+1DD+1 Piezo Driver
  • Impedance:   16 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-35kHz
  • Lowest Power:10MW
  • Interface:3.5mm Giled
  • Cable Length:1.2M
  • Color:Gold\Blue\Gray\Black\Silver\Purple
  • Original cable:black
  • With Cable or not: with cable 
  • ​With mic or not: with mic



Small white box with just the minimum. 4 pairs of silicone ear tips, a cable clip and a cheap cable with mic that will take the dust and that’s it. At this price, we can’t expect much.


While I find the DT6 construction impressive for the price, I find the PRO construction rough looking as if it was made of recycled material found in a beam. The housing is made of 3 pieces of metal that feel stick together in a rush. Unlike the DT6 that have a nice glossy metal housing, the PRO has a grainy grey paint with a cheap mesh badly glue at it’s back. The whole construction has quite a lot of imperfection but I see even worst quality check than mine. The nozzle is larger than DT6 but not longer, which isn’t an improvement in terms of design.


COMFORT is rather cumbersome, and it’s due to nozzle not being long enough. As well, due to cable microphonic, you would be obligate to wear it over ears and the design isn’t thought for that so it feels strange in ears and produces some discomfort after long use.



The overall sound is warmish V shape with extra lower and higher treble emphasis. It’s a forwards sounding earphone, with overall realist tonality. It shares similarities in timbre with its DT6 brother but without an edgy bite, offering an overall smoother more bassy sound.

SOUNDSTAGE isn’t average wide but not deep, and a big step down compared to DT6. It’s intimate and in your face.

IMAGING isn’t very precise or crisp. Instruments feel compressed together, lacking space in separation, and where their bass it will take the first seat which is wrong. Quite messy instrument placement.

BASS is more boosted in sub-region, so it offers big boomy and sloppy slam that tend to veil mid-bass and lower mid-range. It’s very warm and not very textured, which affect definition and separation and create this messy mashup. Transparency is not very good too and extension is shouty. Due to lack of mid-bass separation, the impact isn’t well controlled and kick lack edge, sounding dull and unprecise. More quantity than quality here.

MIDS is recessed until the upper mids-lower treble boost, tonality is brightish and dryish. The female vocal is thin and lacks emotionality, clarity is average, and timbre is thin. They’re a hint of sibilance too. Male vocal is a little warmer and fuller but still, it’s not natural sounding. Overall macro-resolution is okay but lacks space to sound open, this is less problematic for simple music but any busy track sounds congested. The tonal balance between lower and higher mids isn’t very good and tends to make an instrument like piano sound inconsistent, lacking definition in the lower register and sounding too bright in the upper range.

TREBLE was quite unbalanced with the DT6 and the PRO try to solve this by adding a second balanced armature, to some extend it work by offering a fuller thicker treble. We have an emphasis on the lower-mid treble as well as the upper treble. The percussions do not sound overly metallic and have a good body. It’s not very edgy and rather soft in the attack, so it’s not super snappy highs. You got extra crispness and sparkle in upper highs, this help giving a hint more air but do not make the DT6PRO sound airy or long in decay. Upper highs are the fastest in attack and snap and dig micro-details to push them forwards. This can be distracting as well as making upfront audio treble artifact like background hissing of badly recorded music. In other words, the extra upper treble crispness can sound trebly from time to time.




So, construction and comfort are better with the old bad boy. What I love about the DT6 is its unique sound coloring, not it’s so-so tonal balance or naturalness. The WOW effect is there with DT6 while it isn’t with the PRO. This is mostly due to how the soundstage is presented, the DT6 is way more holographic with a bigger deeper soundstage and more spacious instrument separation. In that regard, the PRO sounds like very average earphones with forwarding sound that isn’t very immersive and notably more intimate soundstage. IMAGING too is more precise and crisp with the DT6 and sound layers are more transparent in mid-range. BASS is pretty similar with those 2 and not very well controlled but the DT6PRO have weightier more V shape bass with faster mid-bass impact while the DT6 is more sloppy and lack mid-bass impact, offering a more sub-boomy bass. MIDS are more forwards and aggressive with the PRO but their notably more bass bleed into them too so, in the end, they are less clear and less good to deal with busy tracks without sounding overly congested. DT6 mids are more transparent, smoother and while female vocal are more recessed they are more balanced with the rest of the instrument without messing up macro-resolution. TREBLE is brighter with the DT6 and offer a more detailed presentation in upper highs, the PRO has most of its treble energy in lower highs and has more relaxed upper highs.
All in all, while the DT6 sounds less balanced, the soundstage and imaging is way better and clarity is crisper and airier.

VS KBEAR KB04 (25$)

Again, construction is way better with KB04, it’s more comfortable and isolate better too.

SOUNDSTAGE is slightly less wide than the PRO but notably deeper. IMAGING is crisper and has better transparency. BASS is faster, tighter with less boomy sub-bass, and better separation, it has as well more texture and better tonality. MIDS have better tonality, is way clearer, slightly brighter, and more neutral-sounding than more forwards and messy mids of the PRO. TREBLE is more balanced and detailed, has a more realist tonality, and is less splashy than the PRO.
All in all, the KB04 sound from another league due a better tonal balance, better technicalities and more clear and cohesive sound.


While the SENFER DT6 PRO isn’t plain bad earphones, it’s hard to recommend them due to its intimate congested boomy sound and lack of clarity. Even if tonality is natural enough, the balance isn’t and lack of bass control is extremely problematic. If you like forwards sound and do not listen to complex music, the PRO might be enough for you but with nowadays competition, there a lot of better IEM out there.




  1. Good review. At last an opinion I concur with!
    The DT6 is MUCH better. Not even close.

    Until today I only read reviews that said the opposite…


    1. Thanks bro. I’m not an hyper nor a promoter, when its bad its bad….so I rush this review cause it wasnt pleasant listening session. They really kill the DT6 holographic soundstage with the PRO.

      Liked by 1 person

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