TINHIFI T3 REVIEW: Serious&Sharp audiophile sound at unserious price



SOUND: 8.5/10
VALUE: 9/10


TINHIFI, formely know as TINAUDIO, is a chinese earphones company that take audio community by storm with there second offering : the Tinaudio T2.
Lot of budget audiophile still consider the T2 as the best choice you can make in sub-50$ price range, and i’m one of them to think so.

Having push the bar very high with the T2, this company is very dedicated to there fan base and listen to them while tuning the next model wich is the T2 PRO.

With the TinHifi T3, they make a drastic change in term of drivers, using a 10mm dynamic plus a Knowles BA instead of dual dynamics driver found in T2 and T2PRO. The construction, while being similar, have been upgraded too.

Priced around 60$, T3 is the cheapest earphones using high end Knowles balanced armature unlike lower quality one we find in KZ and other chinese companies in this price range. This alone make it extremely interesting, but the fact its well tuned with its dynamic driver and have a high quality construction make it even more special.

Let’s see why in this review.

Disclaimer : I was curious to try the T3 but do not want to have affiliation with a seller so I contact directly TinHifi and they send me this review sample free of charge and free of any type of collusion or promoting pression. As always : 100% no BS review.


  • Driver(s): 10mm dynamic + Knowles BA
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Frequency response: 10Hz~40kHz
  • Cable: 1.25m; detachable MMCX connectors

P1011366.JPG P1011368.JPG P1011388.JPG

UNBOXING is an elegant experience with Tinaudio. The package, the beautifull blue box and how the product is presented isvery appealing to they eyes. In term of accessories, you have a generous amount of silicone eartips including a pair of memory foams eartips too, a superb 8 cores silver plated MMCX cable and the earphones. No protective case, wich for me isn’t an issue but would have certainly benifit people that do not have a collection of protective case like me.

P1011389.JPG P1011391.JPG

CONSTRUCTION of the TinAudio T2 was already impressive, but people was encountering problem with the silver plated 4 cores cable that was included with it, this time Tin Hifi solve this problem by including a very high quality 8 cores with better construction that do not oxidize after 2 weeks like the old one, this is already a big step but this isn’t all, the housing material too have been upgraded with higher quality of polished alloy and more attention to details that give it a more pristine look. As well, the housing is a little bigger than T2 and the nozzle screen mesh is made of special micro pore material compared to the standard metal mesh of T2.


DESIGN is extremely similar to T2, with the difference being the left and right earphones are inversly connected. Why? Because its meant to be wear over ear and this is the more comfortable and secure fit we can get this way. I find the T3 very comfortable and a step above T2 due to little longer housing that permit a deeper insertion. ISOLATION is above average and have good passive noise cancelation due to metal housing but will leak some sound as it have a venting hole in the back, but its very minimal.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS was mostly positive due to my fear of upper mids sibilance, its the very first thing I note : there barely no harshness in this region. After this first contentment, I begin a more severe critical listening and was surprise by how Liquid was overall sound compared to brighter and more textured timbre of the Tinaudio T2. To me the overall sound was an intimate, transparent mid centric approach with upper treble emphasis that make the highs ultra sparkly and brilliant.

SOUNDSTAGE is rather intimate but still airy and very deep. Wideness is average but spaciality is spot on.

LOWER END is quite light, and I would say even roll off, with slight mid bass emphasis that is still far from being agressive or fowards. Sub bass have smooth timbre, transparent and well controled, it do not rumble and do not bloat anything. Its neither for basshead or bassist, and will sound underwhelming for anybody that like thick or weighty bass presentation.

MID BASS is clear and tigh, timbre is slightly richer than lower bass but still not very textured. Attack and decay is fast, not really weighty but have a good sharpness to make it enough dynamic and lively. It do not bleed on lower mid range and sound especially good with ultra clean pop or IDM.

MID RANGE is the star of the T3 show, level of clarity is of high definition, sharp and liquid, with fowards presence. It is not thick and full bodied type of mid, more a clean one with polished timbre free of grain but still detailed, especially in upper region, but with some special tricks to tame any harshness or sibilance. Imaging in this region is very accurate and lively.

TREBLE is something very special with the T3, its particularly emphasize and offer extremely sparkling highs in a effortless way that do not make whole sound unbalanced or artificial even if it make upper highs very revealing. Level of micro details became richer in this region, wich can shadow lower treble a little. Percussion and high pitch sound are crisp with lot of brilliance, but the decay do not became splashy due to a very controled upper range. This particular approach to resolution give a sens of organic layering, where transparency meet sizzling sharpnes of micro details. This will sure please treble head, and i’m not very worry about treble sensitive people, because there no distortion or bad transient repsonse.


MID BASS : 8/10

MID RANGE : 8.5/10

TREBLE : 8.5/10

TIMBRE : 7.5/10

ATTACK : 9/10





SOUNDSTAGE of VS3 is wider and more around your head, while T3 is more intimate and have deeper clearer spaciality.

BASS is sub emphased fo VS3 and mix a little with the smooth mid bass while T3 is more controled, have more punch and mid bass energy, overall faster presentation but less rich timbre and less sub rumble.

MIDS are more fowards with the T3, clearer as well, with better separation and fast attack-decay, they have thin timbre tough wich stole some body. VS3 is brighter but little more recessed, imaging is less accurate but timbre is richer and thicker.

TREBLE of T3 give more sparkly and crisp highs compared to VS3 that have emphased in mid treble and can make sound cymbals splashy, attack-decay being more controled with T3, it give an overall cleaner and more detailed presentation with better control. Still, the VS3 sounding less liquid feel more balanced, just less capable with very crownded music.



Physically these 2 are very similar, but in term of inner driver, the T2 have dual dynamics and T3 is a dynamic with balanced armature hybrid, wich explain why they do not sound the same at all.

Amping is mandatory but benifit both iem, as well, I feel T3 are a little harder to drive than T2.

SOUNDSTAGE is wider and more around your head with the T2, while the T3 have more deepnest due to a sharper clarity.

BASS is thicker and more impactfull with the T2, as well, timbre is more textured. The T3 sound a little more punchy with less lower end emphasis than T2, the bass is faster and tigher but less weighty.

MID RANGE of the T2 have more grandeur than T3, the vocal sound wider and more detailed with a richer timbre as well as more upper mids emphasis. T3 vocal sound intimate and more centered and will have better separation when multiple instrument play togheter, but in a liquid way with softed timbre that make it sound thinner. T2 sound more mid centric even if bass is more muscular, it have less transparency but a more uniquely appealing richness to mid range. T3 will never have upper mids sibilance but the few time it happen with the T2 do not make it very problematic to my ears (that despise sibilance).

TREBLE is sharper and more dynamic with the T3, wich give it a faster transient response and attack and more highs sparkle compared to more crunchy and crips T2 highs. You have more details in upper treble with T3 while the lower and mid treble of T2 extract more texture in instruments. For example, the piano will sound more accurate with T2 while classical guitar and percussion will have more natural decay and brilliance with T3.

Tin HIFI T3 is like a more polished, sharpened and balanced T2, it sure have better clarity and attack-decay but to the cost of a colder sound presentation. Vocal sound richer and more immersive with the T2, while imaging and clarity is better with T3. In some sens the T3 is a more versatile sounding earphones, but the thicker timbre and fuller sounding mid range of T2 win me over with its more musical soul.



The TINHIFI T3 merit big applause for its mature tuning as well as incredible construction and cable. In this price range, it would be hard to find a faster sounding iem with this level of clarity and details, as well, its near neutral balanced sound make it a very versatile earphones.

Unlike the more mid centric and bassier T2, T3 offer a sharper and slightly colder sound that will please as much the critical listener than the treble sensitive. Without being what I would call a fun earphones, it sure is a serious audiophile one at an incredibly low price.

If you search for an affordable earphones with great construction, extreme clarity and fast transient response that benifit all style of music, I really think the TinHIFI T3 is a very capable contender that offer excellent price value.


  • Sharp accurate sound
  • Fast transient response
  • Balanced and neutral
  • Great construction
  • Great value


  • Slightly cold sounding
  • Thin timbre
  • Lack bass body
  • Intimate mid range

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  1. Hello, I have the Blon Bl03, Urbanfun, ZSX and Tin t3. These last ones are the ones I like the most.
    I was looking for an iem with a big soundstage, many reviewers talk about “depth”, “width”…

    Which one do you recommend?
    The Spring 1 or 2 I have seen that could be good.


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