YINYOO BK2: Rightly tuned, wrongly priced (too cheap?)



SOUND: 8.5/10


DESIGN: 8.5/10



YINYOO is the house brand of Chinese Wooeasy seller wich manufacture OEM earphones and earbuds, some of them being of extremely good value. When it come to earbuds, they have created very few one that we can call unique product but I have the chance to review one of them in the past, it was call YINYOO TANK and still is one of my favorite earbuds until today, construction was incredible with its metal housing and braided cable, as well, the sound have tremedous bass quantity and above average warm clarity that make me wonder why it’s now discontinued.

So, I was very curious to try their ‘’flagship’’ model wich is call YINYOO BK2, have a beautifull high quality metal housing as well as 4cores silver SPC detachable MMCX cable. Thanks to AK audio store who send me this review sample so I can share my toughs about it. To note that even if stated as flagship, this excellent earbuds are sell right now at best sub-30$ price HERE and HERE.


As the price still is under 30$ after 3 months, my review will be based on this incredible price value when it come to overall sound impression, but I can already say to you that the BK2 are among the best sub-50$ earbuds you can own nowadays, especially if you search for well balanced near neutral sound.

Let’s see why.



UNBOXING this type of OEM chi-fi earphones are rarely a rewarding experience, sometime its just plain earbuds trow into a cheap protective case. Here, at least, we have a beautifull blue box and proper product presentation. But that’s about it, as the rest is a nice quality protective case, generous numbers of foams tips and the nice silver SPC cable.

CONSTRUCTION is just too good for this price and its clear that there where lot of effort in its creation. Housing is thick quality metal and quite small for an earbud, in the sens that back housing is smaller than front driver and make it perfect for good fit. Cable is excellent too, real 4 cores branded SPC that is thick but flexible and do not create any microphonic. Only drawback is the mmcx connection is very tigh and little hard to connect, but it tend to became normal after couple of connection and disconnection, as if it need to became flusher with time. In another end, the mmcx have a secure connection that will not disconnect easily when pullin the cable accidently. I’m pretty confident the BK2 will stand test of time in term of durability.


DESIGN is excellent, and this is due to rather small metal housing. As always, I use donut foam, without foams the shell will be slippy (like with most earbuds). The versatile form factor make the BK2 adequate for wearing over ear or normal way. Isolation is better than with other earbuds for me, and sound leakage less problematic even if it have lower open back. I listen loud and just test them in public library as I do with numerous other earbuds or earphones, if somebody lecture me about my irrespectfull behavior this isn’t a good sign, with the BK2, nobody carp at me.




FIRST IMPRESSIONS was quite impressive, I plug the BK2 on my vintage XDUOO X1 and the lively spacious presentation is what hook me. I was listening to jazz and kick drum was energic, tigh and very realist with good weight, as well the mid was clean and accurate giving a vivid musicality. Quality of timbre impress me as well, and the lack of harshness or sibilance too.

SOUNDSTAGE is very deep with good tallness and average widness, it really have a special kind of spaciality that give a realist presence to instrumentation placement. More you listen to the BK2, more you are drown into this vast deep space that help the flow of air, giving realist reverbaration to bass and highs.

LOWER BASS extend impressively far, with little roll of around 40hz but nothing drastic or weak as we can have with less capable earbud. It have rich timbre and a tigh rumble that have good echo to it. The sub is less emphased than mid bass but do not feel thin, as it have good thickness and is well separated from mid bass. Still, this isn’t sub-like lower end, and at very high volume it can became out of control like I could heard with ‘’Canadian Hillbilly’’ boomy song of Georgia Anne Muldrow where the vocal became more recessed by lower end crazy vibration.

MID BASS is full, superbly rounded and impactfull, very fast and well layered : to me it’s among the best mid bass I ever heard from earbuds. Kick have great attack-decay and a full timbre subtly rich in details that do not feel artificially bright, just very realist. This frequency range is perhaps the most elevated, but have a very well balanced approach that do not interfer with mid range.

MID RANGE without being recessed, is linear and very clear. Its a slightly bright and fowards approach with a wide presence to it. Vocal have a light timbre with good transparency and details, its less thick than the mid bass and well layered, they feel in front of instrumental, well centered. Female vocal have a more natural tonality than male. Unlike too bright or warm earbuds, the BK2 just hit the sweet spot where every type of instruments like violin or piano have good timbre grip and natural weight, piano do not soud hollow, every note have right amount of authority in tonality, violin box hit is accurate, saxophone without sounding extremely thick have textured timbre. This give a very precise and realist imaging to overall sound.

TREBLE is well extended, without any sudden peaks, wich make it never sibilant or harsh. I wouldn’t call it smooth or roll off, because highs are crips and snappy and percussions can even have good decay when called too, but there not lot of brillance and sparkle in highs. Its fast and accurate, giving extra grip and subtle richness to different instrument. Unlike too warm earbuds, electric guitar sound right and crunchy with the BK2, classical guitar would benifit extra sparkle to became phenomenal but still sound good nonetheless.


LOWER END : 8/10

MID BASS : 8.5/10

MID RANGE : 8.5/10

TREBLE : 8.5/10

TIMBRE : 8.5/10


ATTACK : 8.5/10


VS NICEHCK EB2 (25$) :


In term of construction EB2 do not have detachable cable, but still have a good construction with metal shell. The BK2 shell is smaller and more comfortable, as well, the cable incuded is of better quality.

SOUNDSTAGE of both have an average widness, but the BK2 have a deeper spaciality with more air between instrument giving it a more around your head impression.

BASS is thicker and more punchy with the BK2, while the EB2 feel thin and dry compared to it. Mid bass is more juicy and impacfull puting the EB2 to shame in this area.

MID RANGE in another is slightly more fowards with EB2, but brighter with upper mids emphasis that can create sibilance. The mid range of BK2 is fuller and more lively, vocal have a more natural timbre and versatile presentation, as well, no sibilance to be noted.

TREBLE is more emphased with the EB2, giving the highs more sparkle and brilliance but making overall sound more unbalanced and agressive in upper treble. Smoother treble of BK2 sure do not dig as much micrdetails to trow it to you like sharp daggers, but have an overall richer lower and mid treble giving a balanced presentation with impressively lush timbre.

All in all, the BK2 is from another league here.

VS Toneking MrZ Tomahawk (35$) :


The Tomahawk is probably my favorite sub-50$ earbuds, let’s see how the BK2 can compete with this musical champion. Construction of both is excellent and even if the Tomahawk do not have detachable cable, it look fancier, as well, I can confirm its durability after 3 years of daily use.

SOUNDSTAGE is notably wider, taller and deeper with the Tomahawk, as well its way more airy.

BASS is weaker in lower end and feel thin and roll off compared to the BK2, even if not sub bass heavy, the BK2 will neither create distortion or feel lifeless under 100hz.

MID RANGE is more fowards and brighter with the Tomahawk, as well, it have a more airy imaging and better attack-decay compared to thicker mids of BK2. Vocal can encounter minimal sibilance time to time, but still are superior due to an appealingly rich and detailed timbre. Imaging is from another level as well.

TREBLE is more extended and have extra emphasis in lower and mid region, highs have more sparkle, decay and brilliance than the BK2, making the Tomahawk more revealing and lively sounding.

Here, it’s the Tomahawk that feel from another league due to a vivid, delicate, mid centric and airy presentation. BK2 is more neutral and balanced tough.


Being rarely impress by the last OEM chinese earbuds I try, i wasn’t quite ready to discover such well balanced, clear, energic and accurate sound from a YinYoo earbuds in this price range, i was thinking either the sound or the construction will have some serious flaws. But this isn’t the case, AT ALL.

I don’t know why these earbuds aren’t as hyped as other one in sub-50$ price range, but my theory is that its either too neutral and balanced or jsut pass under radar, like the YinYoo TANK.

The BK2 have sure a mature tuning, but even if not a basshead earbuds I find the lower end quite full and engaging, as well, its the level of sweet clarity and imaging we got that impress, it sound natural-neither too bright or too warm, just right for a great all arounder earbuds that can deal well with anything you trow at it. To enjoy fully this earbuds, good amping is suggered, but these aren’t 64ohm or 150ohm earbuds and will do with any powerfull enough DAP or PHONE.

At the price they sell right now from officila store (Wooeasy and AK audio), its just a no brainer and one of the best sub-50$ earbuds you can find. No BS true word.


  • Great construction
  • Great neutralish sound


  • Lack of high sparkle
  • Soundstage widness


  1. which one is better. can you compare.monk plus or mx 985.

    I have senfer dt6,koss ksc75,jvc has160 and trn mt1…
    Would it be an unnecessary expense to buy this headset?( mx985 ?


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