NiceHCK BRO: Cheapest IEM BROmance you can get




Bro, you got only 20$ in ya pocket? Ya listen to big beat and stuffs? Ya like da bass to kick you hard?

And Bro, ya love wide soundstage? Ya listen not just rap but quite lot of different music style?

Well know what bro, I got a Bromance story to tell ya. Its about a Dual hybrid drivers IEM that came from china. Did ya know china got their shyt togheter and know how to make IEM now, in many aspect way more than Beats that manufacture their not so nice IEM in china too?
Time have change Bro, and for the best! Chinese manufacturer kick out the white ass big boss from their shop and take control of their futur, and this one very high value promised one!

Listen to this, it’s call the NICEHCK BRO, as its not a well hidden secret, its made by NICEHCK Aliexpress store, and it sound damn good for the price, like it will blow ya mind bro!

So, more seriously, yes, this IEM are a very very nice discoveries, I paid them 15$ in sale, at 20$ their still a steel. Let’s see why.



  • Function: For Mobile Phone,Monitor Headphone,HiFi Headphone,For iPod,Sport,Common Headphone
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  • Is wireless: No
  • Sensitivity: 108±3dB
  • Wireless Type: None
  • Connectors: None
  • Volume Control: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Line Length: 1.2m
  • Resistance: 16Ω
  • Communication: Wired
  • Vocalism Principle: Hybrid technology
  • Control Button: No
  • Model Number: Bro
  • Style: In-Ear
  • Plug Type: Line Type
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-300000Hz
  • Package: Yes
  • Use: Portable Media Player

P9110127.JPG P9110130.JPG


In custom looking IEM, I really like to feel it sturdy in my hand, and learn to really appreciate this type of high quality plastic (resin?) housing that is use by Senfer UE too, they look quite indestructible and if you don’t have a pitbull, will even perhaps survive to dog bite. To be honnest, i’m not really a gangsta rapper so the big BRO kinda make me shy on the street cause lot of rapper came to me and begin conversation in langage I don’t understand, but hey, they like my BRO too, so, yeah, lets talk about Vince Staples togheter.

Connection is MMCX of good quality, not connect problem and cable stay there, it happen with few MMCX Iem that its loose. Not with the BrO, no QC issue here.

Cable is basic, let’s be honnest, but hes not ugly and better quality of stock KZ cable…still, I suggest you to change it for a better, just for fun, just for more fraternal Bromance. It will worth it and congratulate you with a better sound perhaps.

You got quite a lot of gifts like silicone eartips of nice quality, one pair of memory foam tips and even quality earhooks (got 2…surely an error!), and all this in a little Bro Box, for less than 30$.



This is where, for me, the surprise begin. This earphones have a warm, musical, bassy and mid centric soundsignature with very large soundstage. This type of sound is very forgiving and a nice all arounder that permit any type of music to be enjoyable as well as fun due to a low bass bump with good but not too harsh punch that give an overall very enjoyable audio experience.

The bass isn’t a big boomy muffled ”I-stole-your-mids” type of bass, its a warm and controlled one but it is neither too analytical or texured, punch is wide cause it embrace the sub instead of being separeted: bromance between those too again! The warmish low haven’t a very fast attack but they never feel out of place, if used with bright audio gear this IEM became incredibly marvelous IMO. Some air are stole between instruments because of bass decay, but as said, it never kill the mids or vocals, even give some more body. Hope Sandoval female signer love the Bro too…..I guess! Cello is Really enjoyable with the BRO, and it get good texture, so I think balanced armature can positively surprise you time to time with there subtle complementation. As said, bass isn’t perfect, but his imperfection strangely is charming.

The vocal are very sweet, not harsh or agressive, not too detailed, but wide and enveloping, very tender for the ears. In this wide soundstage, they feel part of the family of whole music experience, not out of place even in a V-Shaped universe. Resolution isn’t extra detailed and this is why this IEM are permissive and will not make bad recording sound unlistenable, I think in a IEM collection it can be a savior to have a Bro like the BRO. So, not a lot of micro details but a very musical wide soundstage sounding like a concert presentation instead of a mixing studio. Clean mids that sit on a wide bass and do not get distract by a harsh treble.

Highs are roll off a little, this is perfect IEM for treble sensitive people as well as somebody that search a all-arounder at a very very tiny price. Still, details and texture can surprise, because the balanced armature perform well. Hard to explain but its surely as seen in the only graph I found, there a little peak after 10K and a big drop follow, this peak perhaps explain microdetails that can pop up in a quite good way, not a unnatural one. So treble sparkle due occur time to time, and the listening is never boring due to an excellent mix of both dynamic and balanceds drivers. Impressive for the price, to say the least!

I think the graph (wich I can’t show cause its not mine, make a google search) show well what you can hope from this marvelous IEM, as seen, sub bass is lower in DB so mid eat it a little, or more likely as said (see the graph after I write this review) it embrace sub, there no unwanted peak, curve is quite beautifull to look at in fact. Let’s contemplate…….


The BRO isn’t the normal V shape IEM that invade the market and make audiophile feel constantly betray by immature IEM just good for giving goosebumps for your balls (if your a man). Yeah, the BRO got balls, but a soul too, and its musicality will appeal to a wide crownd, as much basshead than audiophile with different music style to listen at and that need bass too, should it be for cello, slap bass, male or female vocal, synth or bassoon or jazz bass, it will please your ears with a warm wide and very addictive soundsignature. This BRO is my friends and I will keep it in my IEM crew for a long long time.

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